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John W. Brown was born in Tennessee, United States at 1934, September.

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By birth he was not the richest kid in the town. His parents were farmers, the wealth and fame he achieved today is from his own hard works.

Early Life and Education

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John completed his graduation in chemical engineering from the University of Auburn in 1957. After completing his studies he joined Ormet as his first job as an Engineer. Later on he joined different firm and companies. In the year 1977 he joined Stryker Company Corporation that invented cast cutting saws and beds for hospitals. Later he was appointed there as the chairman of the company and developed a well renowned relationship with the Stryker Family business. John retired from the company in the ending of 2004. After retiring he stated that he will be visiting Stryker occasionally.

Family of John

John Brown’s Wife

Rose Mary Brown
Rose Mary Brown was born on 6th October 1936 at Paris. She is the daughter of Late Rosie D. Teeter and Lewis A. Moore. She completed her graduation in Chemistry from Auburn University in 1957. In the starting of her career she was teaching Mathematics for three decades. She was living her live to the fullest as she loved cooking, reading and making friends. With her husband she started a John and Rosemary Brown Foundation that dedicates for Philanthropy works.

They were dedicated more towards spreading education in every sector. Both of them knew the true value of education. She was one of the different classes of teachers that her students still likes her.

John Brown’s Children

John is blessed with two daughters and living with them in the city of Atlanta. There is little to be known about them. It is also known that they are enjoying their life quite well by living with their grand children’s. John is retired and is ready to live his childhood by being beside his grandchildren’s.

John Brown Net Worth


John was having nothing from the start and mostly seen his parents working in the farms. Due to his interest in studies and passion of going ahead made him a better person on today. When John Joined Stryker Corporation were having less places to sell their products. It was John to take the company to higher levels and helped to expand its territories. John is still having more 5 % or more shares of Stryker Corporation under his wings. He is having a total net worth of $2.9 Billion. John was ranked at 745th spot in the Forbes list of world billionaires in 2017. In the same year, he was ranked by Forbes as the 272nd richest American. John was ranked at 274th spot in the list 400 top world billionaires by Forbes in 2016.