Conor McGregor – Family, Family Tree

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Conor McGregor or ‘The Notorious’ as popularly known is an Irish professional mixed martial artist. He was born in Dublin in Ireland in 1988. He is at the ripe age of 28 and is famous for his aggressive fighting style and versatility.

Conor McGregor


He holds both the UFC lightweight championship title and has won the UFC featherweight title in the past. He was the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles in two divisions simultaneously. He is notorious for trash talking his opponents and living out of a silver spoon.

Family Of Conor McGregor:

Family Of Conor McGregor:
Erin McGregor- Conor’s eldest sister Erin, like him, loves hitting the gym and has competed in various fitness and bodybuilding competitions before and has won quite a few of them.

Erin McGregor

She is married and has two kids named Harry and Taylor. She has worked as a hairstylist and is the girl behind Conor’s freakish and fearsome styles. She and Conor share a very close relation and can often be found cheering each other at events.
Aoife McGregor- Conor’s second sister seems to run opposite of the family gene of bodybuilding and can be called the McGregor’s Barbie. She works at a drilling firm and has married recently in January 2017.

Aoife McGregor

She is right now on a honeymoon trip in Maldives. She is equally enthusiastic about her brother Conor’s success as Erin and can be found at matches often. The tripling share deep love among themselves with each looking after the other two.
Dee Devlin- Conor’s long term girlfriend can be marked as every guy’s dream, she has been in a relationship with Conor since 2008. Born in Dublin just like Conor they are a match made from heaven.

Dee Devlin

She is also a member of his team and handles his finances.

Life Of Conor McGregor

Life Of Conor McGregor
Conor began his fighter journey at the age of 12 when he started kickboxing classes in Dublin at Crumlin Boxing Club. In 2006, he moved houses and started apprenticing as a plumber where he met a future UFC player and started training with him. Connor played his first fight in 2007 after which he was signed by Ring Of Truth promotion in Dublin. In 2008, he did his first professional MMA fight and was not so successful in subsequent fights after which he changed coaches and was inspired by his mother to continue.

Career of Conor McGregor:

Career of Conor McGregor
In 2011-12, he went on an 8 match winning streak and in 2013, he signed a contract with UFC when he reached the height of his popularity. After some 2 matches in the UFC, Conor had broken his ACL and was going to require surgery to continue. He recovered after about 10 months and was designated as a championship contender. He strengthened his claim via three straight ‘Performance of the night awards’. The McGregor vs Aldo championship fight broke all previous records in terms of money and spectators and ended in Conor winning the UFC Featherweight title. In the subsequent rematch,Conor again defeated Aldo and preserved his title. In 2016, he won the lightweight title and thus became the first European MMA fighter to hold two titles from two divisions simultaneously.


Conor fights in an unconventional style and stance and is very aggressive in the cage and most experts confer his success due to this. Conor and his family have a blood trait in bodybuilding and with Conor’s passion and skill it was only a matter of time before he achieved such success. We all have a couple of lessons to learn from his stories in endurance and inner strength and the pure will to never give up.


He was ranked at 85th spot in the list of highest paid athlete in the year 2016. His single fight earned him $ 3 million.