Magic Johnson – Family, Family Tree

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Earvin “Magic” Johnson was born in Lansing Michigan on 14th August 1959. He is a former professional player of basketball for the National Basketball Association (NBA) team of Los Angeles Lakers for thirteen seasons. He started his career in basketball from his school and college days where he had won many championships.

Magic Johnson

With the base of his performance, he was drafted to Lakers team in 1979 to play in NBA. After drafting he won many championships for Lakers and became the most valuable player for the season.
In 1991, Magic was tested positive in HIV-AIDS test and he took his retirement. With the fighting magical spirit, he came back in 1992 to the courtyard and started to play again in All-Star Game and won an award for All Start MVP.

All Start MVP

Eventually, he again had to take a retirement because his teammates were protesting against him. After four years of his retirement, he came back to Lakers in 1992 and played 32 games with them.
After playing a good season he took his final retirement and started to work as an advocate to prevent HIV/AIDS. He also started to have his own TV shows as an anchor. Magic never wanted to leave Lakers and was a part owner of Lakers for many years. He is also a well known Philanthropist, Motivational Speaker, Broadcaster and an Entrepreneur.

Magic Johnson’s Parents

Magic Johnson’s Parents
Magic was born to Earvin Johnson Sr. and Christine Johnson. His parents gave birth to a total of six children Yvonne Johnson, Larry Johnson, Michael Johnson, Kim Johnson, Pearl Johnson, and Quincy Johnson. Earvin Sr. used to be an assembly worker at General Motor. His mother was simple and used to work as a custodian at a school. His father used to visit used car lot for garbage collection and Magic sometimes used to help him. The children’s from the neighborhood who used to see Magic collecting garbage used to tease and bully him. Magic’s parents were both athletic when they were young. The best part was that they both used to play basketball at their early age. Now it can be said that Magic has got Basketball blood from his parents.

Magic Johnson’s Wife

Magic Johnsons Wife
Earlitha Cookie Kelly and Magic Johnson got married at Lansing in 1991. It was not even two months that Magic told Cookie that he was HIV positive. It was challenging for Cookie to react at that time. She never left her husband at that point and stayed with him. Cookie has to also go through an HIV test to check if she was infected or not. The worst part at the time was that she was pregnant. But later in the test, it was revealed that both mother and child have negative reports. Magic tells that if Cookie was not there with him then he would not be able to survive HIV.

Magic Johnson’s Children

Magic Johnsons Children

Andre Johnson: He is the eldest son and was born in 1981. His mother Melissa Mitchell and Magic had a relationship in past. He is the current marketing director for Magic Johnson Enterprise from October 2005.

Earvin III Johnson:

Earvin III Johnson

He is also known as CJ born in Los Angeles, California, USA. His career started in TV shows and later he was seen in various Movies and Reality TV shows. It is revealed that CJ is gay and he is also proud of it.
Elisa Johnson:

Elisa Johnson

Magic and Cookie Johnson adopted Elisa in 1991. She is very much passionate about fashion which is now praised by masses. Even CJ wears the same type of dress that Elisa wears.

Magic Johnson’s Net worth

Magic Johnson’s Net worth
Now Magic has retired from professional basketball but his fame is still working. He takes parts in various business activities. His total Net worth is $500 Million.