Andrew Forest – Family, Family Tree

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Andrew Forrest was declared as the richest Australian businessman in June 2008.

Andrew Forrest

Andrew is the former CEO and present non-executive Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group (FMG). He is also interested in mining industry and cattle stations.

Personal Life


John Andrew Henry Forrest or “Twiggy”, born in 1961 in Perth, Western Australia, is the youngest of three children of Judith (née Fry) and Donald Forrest. He completed his schooling from Hale School. Andrew graduated in economics and politics from the University of Western Australia. Andrew is additional professor at the Chinese Southern University. He is a fellow Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy. Andrew won the Australian Centenary Medal and Australian Sports Medal. He was awarded Citizen of the Year for Regional Development and Australian Ernst and Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Currently, he is the non-executive Chairman of Fortescue Metals Group. Andrew married Nicola Forrest and they have three children. The family lives in Perth.

Family of Andrew

Wife of Andrew

Wife of Andrew

Nicola earned Bachelor of Arts in Economics from CAE/Canberra University in 1981. She has led, managed, and administered charitable, retail and financial organisations for 25 years. Nicola is the director of Women and Infants Research Foundation (WIRF), Australian preeminent community-based research organisations. WIRF is dedicated to Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Newborn Medicine. WIRF and King Edward Memorial Hospital work in parental care.


Nicola is the founder and Director of Australian Children’s Trust. She is on the Management Committee of the Trust. She has helped several organisations/individuals. Her goal is to improve lives of all Australian children. Nicola supports young performing artists. She is the director of Sculpture by the Sea, non-profitable organisation that exhibits local and international sculptures.


Andrew’s father (Donald), grandfather (Mervyn), and great-grandfather (David) managed Minderoo Station founded in 1878 by David, Alexander and John. This was owned by Forrest family till 1998 when Donald sold it but in 2009, Andrew bought it back.

Grandfather of Andrew

Mervyn was born on 28th April 1891 in Bunbury, Western Australia, to Mary Parker and David Forrest. Mervyn was the member of Legislative Council of Western Australia (22nd May 1946 – 21st May 1952). He died on 22nd August 1975 in Perth.
David, born in 1852 in Bunbury, was the sixth child of William and Margaret Forrest. He completed his education from Bishop Hale’s school, Perth. David was a member of Western Australian Legislative Assembly (1900 – 1901). David died in 1917 and was buried at Karrakatta Cemetery.


John was born on 22nd August 1847 in Bunbury to William and Margaret Forrest. Sir John Forrest was first Baron Forrest of Bunbury GCMG PC (22nd August 1847-2nd September 1918). He was a famous Australian explorer. John was the 1st Premier of Western Australia (22nd December 1890 – 15th February 1901). Other political careers include Protectionist (1901 -1906), WA Party (1906-1909), Liberal (1909 -1917), and Nationalist (1917 -1918). On 2ndSeptember 1876, in Perth, John married Margaret Elvire Hamersley who came from a wealthy family. John got wealth and social standing but no children. John died on 2nd September 1918 at sea off the coast of Sierra Leone. He was buried at Karrakatta Cemetery.


Alexander Forrest

Alexander Forrest was born on 22nd September 1849 in Bunbury, Western Australia. He was the fourth son of William and Margaret Forrest. He attended John Hislop in Bunbury and finished from Hale School in Perth. Alexander, CMG (22nd September 1849 – 20th June 1901) was an explorer and surveyor of Western Australia. He was a member of parliament. He served as member of the Legislative Council of Western Australia (1st February 1887 – 21st October 1890). He was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Western Australia (27th November 1890 – 20th June 1901). He died on 20th June 1901 in Perth.

Net Worth of Andrew


Andrew Forrest is net worth $4.3 Billion. In 1994, Andrew began his first mining Company, Anaconda Nickel or Minara Resources. After nine years, he created Fortescue Metals Group that mines and ships iron ore to China.