Shari Arison – Family, Family Tree

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Shari Arison is an American-born Israeli businesswoman, philanthropist and Israel’s wealthiest woman.

Shari Arison

She owns Arison Investments Companies of which the largest is the Bank Hapoalim. She has many philanthropic organisations. These are subsidiaries of the Ted Arison Family Foundation.

Early Life and Education


Shari Arison was born on 9th September 1957 in New York City to Ted Arison and Mina Arison Sapir. In 1966, her parents divorced so Shari moved to live with her mother in Israel. When she was twelve, she moved to the US to live with her father. After 5 years, Shari returned to Israel where she enlisted in the Israel Defence Forces. In 1999, Shari’s father died and she inherited 35% of his possessions. Currently, she controls the Arison Group.

Family of Shari

Family of Shari

The Arison family is an Israeli-American business family. In 1882, Moshe and Sarah Arison emigrated to Ottoman Palestine from Romania. They were the founders of the town of Zikhron Ya’akov. Their eldest son, Meir, was the father of Ted Arison.

Shari married and divorced three times. First husband, Jose Antonio Sueiras was an officer on one of the ships owned by Ted.

Jose Antonio Sueiras

Jose and Shari had three children. Second husband, Miki Dorsman was a basketball player, and they had one child. Her third husband was Ofer Glazer.

Brothers of Shari

Shari has two brothers namely Micky and Kames.


Micky, son of Ted Arison, co-founder of Carnival Corporation, with Meshulam Riklis was born on 29th June 1949. Micky is an Israeli-American businessman and chairman of Carnival Corporation and world’s largest cruise operator. He served as the CEO (1979-2013) of Carnival Corp. Micky added over 100 ships to the two 200 foot yachts. In June 2013, he stepped down from CEO position. Micky owns the Miami Heat, the NBA franchise his father helped bring to Florida (1995). Micky Arison is net worth of $9 Billion.

Father of Shari


Ted Arison (1924-1999) was an Israeli businessman. Ted or Theodore Arison was born in Tel Aviv in 1924, during the British Mandate. Ted served in the Israel Defence Forces and he was in the Israeli War of Independence. After his service in the army, Ted moved to the United States and became a businessman. He founded Carnival Cruise Lines that became the biggest in the world. This helped him earn his fortune. Over time, Ted Arison became one of the richest people in the world. He returned to Israel and contributed large sums of money to the state of Israel. People built hospitals and established charity organisations. Israel gave Ted most of the controlling shares in Bank Hapoalim, biggest bank in Israel (1997).

Net Worth of Shari Arison


Shari Arison is net worth of $5.3 Billion. She was ranked at the 334th spot in the list of world billionaires by Forbes in 2017. Shari ranked at the 4th spot in the list of richest Israeli in the same year. She ranked at the 64th spot in the list of Forbes most powerful women in 2012.


She runs the Ted Arison Family Foundation. This contributes to non-profit organisations involved in health, education, disabilities and research. She is a Tel Aviv resident and she invests in business, environmental projects in Israel. Shari was awarded the America–Israel Friendship League’s Partners for Democracy award in 2010. Shari was awarded the annual Medal of Light from Israel’s parliament for her work with Holocaust survivors through the Ted Arison Family Foundation (2016).