Pollyanna Chu – Family, Family Tree

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Pollyanna Chu is a businesswoman from Hong Kong. She serves as the CEO of Kingston Financial Group and Golden Resorts Group. She is also the Chairman of Sincere Watch.

Pollyanna Chu

Present estimate shows that Chu is worth US$4.8 billion. She is the 14th richest person in Hong Kong.

Early Life and Education


Pollyanna Chu (Chu Yuet wah) was born as Yuet Wah Lee in August 1958 in Hong Kong. Her father’s name was Wai Man Lee. She grew up in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. When she was 18, Pollyanna went to San Francisco, the US to study. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Golden Gate University. She was awarded the honorary Ph.D. in Business Management by York University.

Family of Pollyanna


Nicholas Chu

Pollyanna is the CEO of Kingston Financial Group and CEO of Golden Resorts Group. Also, she is the Chairman of Sincere Watch. In 1985, she married Nicholas Chu whom she met while studying in San Francisco. Pollyanna and Nicholas Chu have only one son. Together with her husband, Nicholas Chu, she worked as a real estate investor in San Francisco. Then in 1992, the couple returned to Hong Kong. In 1993, Pollyanna and her husband set up Kingston Group after their son. The following year, the Group started offering financial services. The firm played a major role in Hong Kong’s financial market.


Kingston Chu

Kingston Chu is the only of son of Hong Kong’s billionaire, Pollyanna Chu and Nicolas Chu. He was born in San Francisco, but raised in Hong Kong. Kingston Chu has a business degree from the University of Southern California. He is an active youth leader in organisations in Hong Kong and the mainland. Kingston celebrated his own wedding with Kelly Lo in Hong Kong in 2015.

When Kingston was 30 years, he joined the board of his family financial services Company in Hong Kong. It is called Kingston Group that was named after him. He became the executive director at Hong Kong-listed Kingston Finance Group. This family Company is one of the largest locally controlled financial businesses in Hong Kong. Also, Kingston Chu was appointed as the vice chairman of Hong Kong- listed Sincere Watch in Hong Kong acquired in 2012.

Net Worth of Chu

Net Worth of Chu

Pollyanna Chu, also known as Chu Yuet Wah, is net worth of $3.9 Billion. She was ranked at the 334th spot in the list of world billionaires released by Forbes in 2017. She was ranked as the 14th richest Hong Kong national in 2017. Chu was ranked at the 14th spot in the list of 50 richest Hong Kong National.


She is the city’s most prominent woman as the deal-maker, entrepreneur and billionaire. Pollyanna can easily step out from her family’s hotel and casino business. She can make several of her peers a fortune in the city’s lucrative real estate market. However, she preferred to try her luck on the region’s growing capital markets. She launched Kingston Financial Group (1992).

Pollyanna Chu built Kingston Group

Pollyanna’s wealth tripled in a span of two years. Forbes (2016) Pollyanna ranked No. 42 on the list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women. Since Pollyanna has a lot of personal network and city’s proximity to China. She built the more liberal stock market regime. Pollyanna Chu built Kingston Group into the financial powerhouse. It competes with Morgan Stanleys and Goldman Sachs, world’s local business. Kingston Group boasts that the market capitalisation is $6 billion and she owns 63%.