Arnold Palmer – Family, Family Tree

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Arnold Palmer is regarded as one of the greatest golf players the world has ever seen. In fact, he was even given the nickname ‘The King’ because of his excellent prowess in the golfing world. He is the winner of multiple events on the Champions Tour and even the PGA Tour. Traditionally, golf was thought of as a sport meant only for the rich and distinguished.


But all that changed when people saw Palmer blazing through golf championships and collecting awards and trophies. He came from a humble middle class background and all of a sudden, people felt that golf wasn’t just the pastime of the elite and that they too could indulge and excel in it.


He has a loyal fan following all over the world and they call themselves “Arnie’s Army”. He was the first professional golfer to make a million dollars just by playing the sport.

Palmer Parents – Milfred Palmer and Doris Palmer

Arnold Daniel Palmer was born to Milfred “Deacon” Palmer and Doris Palmer on September 10, 1929 in Youngstown, Pennsylvania. There is no doubt that he inherited his passion for the sport from his father, who worked as a course superintendent as well as a golf professional at the Latrobe Country Club. In fact, he received his first set of golf clubs from his father.

Palmer Siblings – Lois Jean Palmer Tilley, Sandy Sarni, Jerry Palmer

He has three siblings- two sisters and a brother.

1)      Lois Jean Palmer Tilley

She is Arnold’s younger sister and is known by the family as “Cheech”. She is married to Ron Tilley. She was very close to Winnie Palmer (Palmer’s first wife)

2)      Sandy Palmer Sarni

She is Arnold’s younger sister and is married to Vin Sarni.

3)    Jerry Palmer

He is Arnold’s younger brother and he has been club manager of the Latrobe Country Club since 1988. He has two children- Deacon Palmer and Amanda Palmer Hinrichs.

Palmer Spouses – Winifred Walzer, Kathleen Gawthrop

He has been married twice. His first marriage was to Winifred Walzer who he met at a golf tournament which took place in Eastern Pennsylvania. They got married on December 20, 1954 and traveled the circuit together for a year. They have two daughters together. Winnie Palmer was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and passed away on November 20, 1999.


His second marriage was to Kathleen (Kit) Gawthrop on January 26, 2005. They are still happily together.

Children of Arnold Palmer

He has two daughters with his first wife, Winnie Palmer.

1)      Peggy Palmer Wears

She married Peter Wears of Durham NC.

2)      Amy Palmer Saunders

She married Roy Saunders of Windermere FL and together they manage operations at the Latrobe Country Club and Bay Hill Club.

Arnold Palmer’s Net Worth


Arnold Palmer’s net worth is estimated at $680 million.