Michael Jordan – Family, Family Tree

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In the league of the greatest basketball players, if there is one name that outshines, it is surely that of Michael Jordan. A true NBA superstar touching the pinnacle with an average score of 30.1ppg; Jordan soared over his contemporaries with attributes such as sound knowledge of game, might, speed and unparalleled calibre. This sportsman won equal acclaim from his audience and colleagues. The world champion of basketball legion was bestowed with the moniker ‘Air Jordan’ through his endorsement stint with Nike.


Jordan Parents – James Jordan and Delores Jordan

A supervisor by profession at a General Electric plant, Jordan’s father James inculcated within his son the traits of hard work and labour. The passion for playing was probably inherited by Michael from his father as both loved playing baseball and shared a unique bonding. His mother Delores was a bank employee and often made her children assist in household chores, such as cleaning, washing and sewing. James and Deloris made an endeavour to keep the worldly attractions at bay from their family.

Jordan Siblings

Michael stands fourth in a family of five children.

  1. Larry Jordan – The eldest in the family, it was Larry who transported the passion for basketball within his younger brother, Michael.
  2. James R Jordan Jr – He is elder than Michael and a soldier by profession. James retired from the US Army with the designation of Command Sergeant Major serving with the 35th Signal Brigade of the XVII Airborne Corps.
  3. Deloris and Roslyn – These are Michael’s sisters. Deloris was older than Michael, while Roslyn was the youngest in the family.

Michael Jordan’s Spouses

Jordan has been married twice. His first wedding with Juanita Vanoy was held in September in the year 1989. Owing to incompatibility, the couple decided to separate ways and sought divorce for the first time in January, 2002. They made an endeavour to save the marriage for the next four years but in vain. The marriage finally stood annulled on December 29, 2006 on grounds of mutual consent. Michael gave an enormous sum of US$168 million to his first wife as an alimony.

yvette prieto

The basket ball icon tied the knot second time on April 27, 2013. This time round, his spouse was his long standing girlfriend. A Cuban American model by profession, Yvette Prieto gave consent to marriage on the eve of Christmas in the year 2011. The wedding rituals were held at Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church.

Michael Jordan’s Children

Michael Jordan has six children altogether from both his spouses. Juanita and him were blessed with two sons and a daughter; namely Jeffrey Michael, Marcus James and Jasmine.



His second marriage also gave him three children, two of whom are identical twin daughters. The couple named their twins Victoria and Ysabel.

Michael Jordan Net Worth


Michael Jordan’s net worth is estimated to be US$1 billion as in 2014.