Alexey Mordashov – Family, Family Tree

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Alexey Mordoshov is a renowned Russian entrepreneur and billionaire. He is the chairman of Severstal, a conglomerate in Russia which is involved with various companies operating in the mining, metal and energy sectors. He also happens to be the major shareholder of this firm. He started his career as an economist when he joined Cherepovitsky Metallurgical plant in 1988. He went on to become the finance director of the company in 1992. He established some investment fund and bought a share in the firm. In the later years, thanks to his success, he became the largest shareholder of the firm.

Alexey Mordashov Family

He was also appointed the General Director of the company in 1996. The success encouraged him to establish his own company called Severstal which is involved in acquiring other companies that operate in the mining and energy sector. This conglomerate went on to be an extremely successful and profitable one, thus propelling him to newer heights. However, when the conglomerate started selling a few of its US based companies to another Russian conglomerate. It is believed that these companies were sold at about 50% loss. He went on to buy stake of 25% in Seimens and also bought additional shares in Power Machine, a well known equipment manufacturer.

Alexey Mordashov Parents

Alexey was born on 26th September 1965 in Cherepovets in Russia. The names of his parents are not known. His parents were both workers in the steel mill and had to strive hard to make ends meet. Mordashov has confessed that the family made do with welfare coupons and every month, were allowed a ration of 200g of butter and 400g of sausage. Despite his economical background, Mordashov went on to secure a bachelor’s degree from Leningrad Engineering-Economical Institute.

Alexey Mordashov Spouse – Elena Mordashova

alexey mordashov wife elena

Alexey Mordashov married Elena Mordashova in 1996. The couple has six children and lives in Moscow, Russia.

Alexey Mordashov Children – Kirill Mordashov, Ilya Mordashov and 4 others

Alexey Mordashov Children

Alexey and his wife Elena have six children. Of these two sons are named Kirill Mordashov and Ilya Mordashov. Not much is known about the other four children.

Alexey Mordashov Net Worth

Alexey Mordashov Net Worth

According to the latest reports, Alexey Mordashov has a net worth of $16.2 billion. In the list of World Billionaires, he is ranked 73rd. He is also the 11th richest man in Russia. Other than being a successful businessman, he is also a known philanthropist and donates money for various causes.