Beate Heister – Family, Family Tree

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Beate Heister was born on 5th October 1951 and has a German Nationality. She with her brother received the fortune from her parents. Beate took half of the throne of Aldi Sued which is second largest discounted retailer of food in Germany. The business was already expanded to various parts of the world. Beate does not take an effective part in the working of the family business.

But she holds the position of one of the board directors of the company. The Aldi Sued is spread across Australia, United Kingdom, Europe and United states. Beate also works as a Philanthropist and made major donations for promoting education, saving cultural issues and environment.

Beate Heister’s Grand Parents:

Karl Albrecht Sr. was the grandfather of Beate and in the starting of his career he was working in a mine. Later he changed his job profile and started to give assistance to a banker. He was a hard working man with lesser needs. He taught his children that with hard work everything is possible. Anna nee Siepmann was the grandmother of Beate.

Anna used to own a small grocery store at Schonnebeck. This store helped the members of the house with financial support. She was the one who motivated her grandson’s to join the work of their grandmother.

Beate Heister’s Parents:

Karl Hans Albrecht:



Karl is the father of Beate who was born on 20th February 1920 at Essen, Rhine Province, and Weimar Republic. He is known as a great entrepreneur, businessman, and one of the richest people in Germany. He also stayed the richest person in Germany for many times. In the starting of their career, Karl worked as an apprentice in the grocery store that his mother was having.

He took the store with the help of his brother and changed the state of working. The business was a huge success people at that time liked it. In 1961 the business was divided between two brothers. Karl was able to get make the business global. By 1994 Karl took the main seat of the Company and became chairman of the board. It was a tough ride for Karl to raise the standard of the company. He took his last breath on 16th July 2014 Essen Germany.

Beate Heister’s Siblings:

Karl Albrecht Jr

Karl Albrecht Jr. is the elder brother who is taking care of half of the business. After getting the fortune heir Karl Jr. was working hard to keep the growth of the business. Karl Jr. likes to keep his profile relatively low compared to his sister Beate. In the starting period when he received the heir of the business. The business at that time was not doing that good and he brought tremendous change in the concept of marketing.

Beate Heister’s Husband and Children:

Beate married only once in her life and has six children. Her husband Peter Heister along with his son Peter Max looks after the business. Beate has very less involvement in the workings of the business. In important business meetings, Beate has been there with her son and husband. There is lesser knowledge available about the information regarding her other five children.

Beate Heister’s Net Worth


The starting of Aldi Sued was from a small grocery store to a multinational discounted food retail store and still expanding. By the time Beate got the half ownership of the company then it had already reached different places. Still, there were many things needed to sustain the working of the company to its fullest.
Beate was both on the front and back of the company. She has been providing assistance to his brother to move forward and standing at her views and values. Beate is having a net worth of $11.2 Billion.