Frank Wang – Family, Family Tree

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Frank Wang is a Chinese billionaire. He is the founder of DJI. This company he has started from his dorm room in Hong Kong. It is just nine years ago, his company has been founded. Frank is now worth more than $3 billion.

Frank Wangs

DJI is the world’s largest drone business. The company is estimated to enjoy 70% market share. In this nine years, DJI has been through many headline making moments. DJI which is better known as Da Jiang Innovation. It creates both commercial and recreational aerial vehicle for the purpose of photography and videography. Along with the fame, DJI has earned some undesired attention as well. Frank Wang although thinks they are no big deal.

Frank Wang Personal Life

Frank has spent his non descriptive childhood in Hangzhou. His father works as an engineer while his mother worked as a teacher. Later on she changed her profession and became a small scale business owner.

Frank Wangs Childhood

At the age of 16 Frank’s life received its first breakthrough. He received a remote controlled helicopter which evoked in interest in electronic products. However, this helicopter did not survive for a long time at the hand Frank. His regular experiment eventually played a big role in killing the engine and getting the toy down forever.

Frank had always dreamed of getting into an elite US university for higher study. However, this plan of his did not proceed further due to this ordinary and unimpressive academic record.

Frank Wrang Career1

The failure in getting into a well-known university forced him to get enrolled in Hong Kong university. Here he studied electronic engineering. While in university he experimented with different things. One of the most interesting item which he developed had been a helicopter with flight control system. This creation of Frank was far perfect. It has come complications in the function. Its’ on board computer failed too. However, the creation got him noticed. His robotics professor noticed him and his eagerness to experiment with different things. Frank had been brought to the schools graduate program after this. His robotic professor later on became an investor of the company Frank founded. This is the company he owns now.

It was in 2006 along with two of his classmates, Frank moved to Shenzhen. This is a manufacturing hub. Here he started his business of manufacturing electronics items. This venture he had founded with the scholarship money he had earned university.

Frank Wring1

For two years the company ran properly. With the moderate sale, they could run it without any trouble. However, the first hint of trouble appeared a couple of years later. Due to Frank’s attitude and his personality, all the founding members of the company left the business. They regarded Frank as a perfectionist. In an interview with Forbes the CEO of DJI said that his demand for better output irked people to the extent that they left. After the setback the company survived on the investment of a close family friend.

Frank Wang

Although he does not truly admire anyone, he has an appreciation for Steve Jobs. However, he claims that to acquire success, you need to make sure that you are smarter than anyone else.