Graeme Hart – Family, Family Tree

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New Zealand’s richest man, Graeme Hart is rich, to say the least. Having made his fortune buying underperforming and undervalued companies making everyday products like toilet paper and aluminium foil with steady cash flows, Hart has become the 178th richest man on earth.

Graeme Hart

He is famous worldwide for his business acumen and a big collection of superyachts. He was born in 1955 in Auckland, New Zealand and attended the Mt. Rockhill Grammar School in Auckland itself. His net worth is around 7.9 billion dollars.

Family of Graeme Hart:

Family of Graeme Hart
Wife – Robyn Hart is famous among friends and family as the nicest person alive and is known for being sensitive and friendly to everybody around her. She worked with her husband like a workaholic but has recently slowed down to spend more time with her grandkids and kids. Gretchen, her daughter describes her as her best friend.

Daughter – Gretchen Hawkesby, the daughter of Graeme Hart is married to Duncan Hawkesby. Hawkesby is another known word in the New Zealand Elite. She is 41 years old and a marketing graduate and deeply involved in Friends of Starship, a charity that raises money for children’s hospital. She and her husband live just next door to her parents and their families are greatly intertwined.

Son – Hart’s son Harry Hart is 18 years apart from his elder sister. Having graduated in 2013 he started a property building business with Gretchen.

Life Story of Graeme Hart:

Life Story of Graeme Hart

Hart dropped out of school when he was 16 and did several manual jobs to keep the family running. He worked as a tow truck driver as well as a taxi driver. Fed up and aiming high he started his own printing press in 1977 known as Hart’s Printing And Office Supplies. The business was running smoothly but too slow for Hart’s ambition. Hart changed businesses about six times before settling for Rank Commercials in 1990’s. At this point with a young family to support, Hart went back to education and did his MBA from the University of Otago.

After his MBA Hart got into the business of buying undervalued companies and turningthem around. His big break was in 1990 when he bought Government Printing Office. After this, it was like a black Friday sale of undervalued companies where Hart made profit after profit.

He almost lost it when 1997 he acquired 20 percent of Burns,Philips and Co. and the company almost went bankrupt, but when the darkness was greatest he shined like the sun and brought the company back to life convincing lenders to stall loans and rejuvenating a dead rat. In 2003, Hart resumed his express of buying and selling and moved his interest offshore. He has shifted his interest into packaging business and has worked effortlessly to make it big.

He is known to value his privacy as much as his money and only maintains a small circle of friends and a very skilled and loyal workforce. His social is equally secretive of his matters. He is known for making money while at the same time avoiding the limelight. He chose to sell garbage bags and toilet paper instead of iphones and founded his small niche in the world, just according to his liking.

He owns and lives in a 40 million dollar cliff top mansion with his wife. His daughter lives near to him and forms a very close knit family. Apart from this, he owns two properties in Aspen, Colorado and an island in Fiji. His love for yachts is also not unknown, starting with his first yacht Ulysses in 1997, Weta and then a new Ulysses in 2014.