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James Allen Pattison also known as ‘Jim’ was born on 1st October 1928 in Saskatoon, Canada. He is an 88 year old businessman and investor. He lives in Vancouver and is the CEO, Chairman and owner of the Jim Pattison Group.

James Allen Pattison

His company is the second largest private company in Canada. He is known as Canada’s Warren Buffett and Canada’s fourth richest person. He was born to American parents who had later left Canada to move to America.

Wife and Children of Jim Pattison:

Wife and Children of Jim Pattison
Jim Pattison had married his high school sweetheart Mary Pattison in 1953. Mary grew up in Moose Jaw in Sask. The couple has three children; daughters Mary Ann Pattison, Cynthia Pattison and one son Jim Pattison Jr.
Jim Pattison Jr. is the president of the Orlando-based Ripley’s entertainment from December 2007. He also serves as the Executive Vice President for Ripley Attractions Worldwide of Ripley Entertainment, Inc. He is also the Director at The Jim Pattison Group, Inc. Mary Ann Pattison is a well recognized author and has written two books namely; buffalo County: A Pictorial History and Canberra Bookshops.

Early life and education of Jim Pattison:

Early life and education of Jim Pattison:

His family left Luseland for Vancouver when he was five years old. He went to school at John Oliver Secondary School and graduated in 1947. As a young boy he swapped between many jobs like delivering newspapers, selling doughnuts, working as a page boy at Georgia Hotel, etc. After graduation, he started working in a packing house and then as a car attendant in a car company called Canadian Pacific Railway.
While working there he discovered his interest of selling cars. He succeeded to get into University of British Columbia with the money he earned as a car salesman but he dropped out and failed to get his business degree. In the year 1961, he joined a Local general Motors dealer and opened a Pontiac dealership near his school.

Jim Pattison’s Career:

Jim Pattison’s career
The Jim Pattison Group emerged from a single General Motors car dealership in 1961. The group sells cars along with forestry products, food products and beverages. His company has 25 divisions and over 40,000 employees. He has also invested in forestry products company Canfor and a natural gas retailer Just Energy. His company owns varied car dealerships like Peterbuilt truck dealerships, Save-on-food, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Guinness World Records, etc. and is the largest privately held company in Canada. He is also listed as the richest Canadian.

Jim Pattison’s Humanitarian Work:

Jim Pattison’s Humanitarian Work:
Jim Pattison’s foundation was the 8th largest giver of charity in 2008.
He gives up 10% of his income for noble causes.

He donated $5 million to Victoria Hospitals Foundation in 2013.
He also set up a care and surgery unit by donating $10 million for Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre that is run by Fraser Health.

Achievements and Recognition of Jim Pattison:

Achievements and Recognition of Jim Pattison
Jim Pattison is an Officer of the Order of Canada and also a member of the Order of British Columbia.
He was also listed among Top 200 richest people in the world in 2015.
He was engaged with the committee for the Vancouver Olympics, 2010.

Vancouver Olympics, 2010.
Jim Pattison Group purchased the Guinness world records in On February 15, 2008.
He was also the owner of Vancouver Blazers of World Hockey Association.

Jim Pattison’s Net Worth:

Jim Pattison’s Net Worth
Jim Pattison’s net worth is about $5.6 Billion, according to Forbes. He was at rank 324 in the list of Billionaires in 2016. He owns a Palm Springs house and has a majestic vintage car collection.