Jose Roberto Marinho – Family, Family Tree

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Jose Roberto Marinho was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 26th December 1955. He is a successful businessman and seated in Editorial Board as a Chairman and is the Vice President of Grupo Globo organization. In the beginning of his career, he started working as a journalist for O-Globo newspaper.

Jose Roberto Marinho

Within the 1990s he entered as one of the board members for Globo Organization with his two other brothers. Jose works as the Philanthropy of his family business Roberto Marinho Foundation.

other brothers

The foundation works to help cultural causes and supports educational issues in Brazil. With the moving of Grupo Globo the business established to the largest broadcaster known as Rede Globo. The other business is Infoglobo is the largest company that publishes a newspaper. Globosat is the Latin America’s biggest provider of Pay TV. Jose is also considered as one the richest person in whole Brazil next to his two other brothers.

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Grand Parents:

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Grand Parents
Roberto Pisani Marinho was the founder of Globo group of a newspaper publisher. He was born in Brazil on 19th July 1876. From the starting of his career, he was workaholic and always looking to a great future. In the starting of his career, he was working as a reviewer for Rui Barbosa. Later he was working for A Tribuna which was a newspaper company.
He was married to Francisca Pisani in 1903 and both had 6 children. To provide proper education to his children he started to work harder. His first newspaper was circulated in 1924 and it got a reputation from since then. Just after 25 days from publishing his first newspaper he died due to a heart attack in his bathroom.

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Parents:

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Parents
Roberto Pisani Marinho had married thrice in his life. All his children were born from his first wife Stella Goulart. His first marriage was held in 1946 and it only lasted for 24 years. Even after being separated the couple was having a friendly relationship with each other. His second wife was Ruth Albuquerque from 1971 to 1991. Third wife Lily Marinho had won Miss France competition. With his work, he was able to expand the family business of newspaper to Television and Radio. The business expanded so beautifully that it took over Brazil in a short span of time. Unfortunately, in 6th August 2003, Jose took his last breath.

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Siblings:

Roberto Irineu Marinho:

Roberto Irineu Marinho

He is the current CEO and Chairman of Grupo Globo and one of the eldest brothers in the Marinho family. Irineu was born on 13th October 1947 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He is married and has 4 children and all lives in Brazil. He is one of the masterminds that took the family business to the next level.
Joao Roberto Marinho:

Joao Roberto Marinho

Joao is an active business for his family business and born on 16th September 1953. He is also one of the current vice-presidents of Globo Organizations and sits at Editorial Board as a Chairman. He is married to Gisela Marinho and father of Rodrigo Marinho. His son is also the part of Grupo Globo group.
Paulo Roberto Marinho: Paulo had a major accident in 1970 and was not able to survive it.

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Wife and Children:

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Wife
Jose is married to Gisela and having 5 children. There is not much information about what they are doing but they are all living in Brazil.

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Net Worth:

Jose Roberto Marinho’s Net worth:
Jose looks out as the work of Philanthropist for the foundation of Roberto Marinho. He supports in promoting education and saving cultural issues. Jose is having a Net worth of $3.9 Billion.