Liu Ruopeng – Family, Family Tree

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Dr. Liu Ruopeng was born in 1983 in China. He was not born in a rich family but made a rich fortune with his workings. Ruopeng is the Director of Zwipe AS, Chairman of KuangChi Science Limited and Non-Executive Director of Martin Aircraft Company Limited. Ruopeng is a hard working inventor and has patents of many innovative products and devices.

Dr. Liu Ruopeng

His hungry nature for technology never goes out of hands and he thrives for more. He is continuously working to look forward to completing his dream and going to full it in the coming future.

Early Life of Liu

Early Life of Liu

Ruopeng completed his Bachelor’s Degree in engineering from Zhejiang University in 2006. He further went to Duke University to attain his Master’s degree.


He is also a Doctorate from the University of Duke. He had a dream of building a flying jacket that would travel people without using airplanes. With his ambition of dream he got the name “Elon Musk of China”.

Family of Liu Ruopeng:

Liu Ruopeng’s Parents

Liu Ruopeng’s Parents

Ruopeng’s Parents were not the richest to provide all the comforts to their child. They were having a difficult with many conditions. But they believed in the dream that their only child was having. Roupeng says that he was not having enough funds to pay for this college studies. It was his father that sold his car to pay his college fees.

Mother of Liu:

His mother was a caring one and did enough to provide love and support her. The dream that Ruopeng is having now is actually the dream of his father. Ruopeng also says that in his childhood his father talks a person using a jet pack to fly. This became his ambition and the dream of his father became his dream. Till today’s date, Ruopeng remembers the talks with his father and working along to make it real. His largest source of wealth comes from auto parts China Company of Zhejiang Longsheng.

Liu Ruopeng’s Wife

Ruopeng met his wife when was pursuing his Doctoral Degree at Duke University. They were both classmates and eventually turned into a life partner. She is now working in Kaunag- Chi Institute of Advanced Technology. She is a hard working lady that looks after her family and her work.

Liu Ruopeng’s Children

Ruopeng is the father of one child and there is not much information about their whereabouts. Ruopeng’s love his child very much. Once his instated that he was in important work while his wife was giving birth. He soon finished the work and rushed to see his wife.

Liu Ruopeng’s Net worth

Liu Ruopeng’s Net worth

Ruopeng proved that with determination and hard work anything is achievable. Just in few years of working, he made a name for himself. Ruopeng is having a net worth of $1.3 billion. He ranked at 1567th spot in the Forbes list of Billionaires but it doesn’t matters much as he is young enough to take a big leap. He was ranked at 198th spot in China as of 2017. Liu lives in Shenzhen, China.