Liu Yongxing – Family, Family Tree

by Celeb

Liu Yongxing was born in 1948 and is a Chinese business tycoon. Liu is the chairman and CEO of East Hope Group, a Chinese industrial and agribusiness company. Liu Yongxing was born in Sichuan, China and has three brothers.

Liu Yongxing

Liu Yongxing’s Family

Liu is one of the four brothers. Liu’s other three brothers are also business tycoons. They together setup a business named Hope group in 1982. Liu is married and has one child Liu Shawn. His brother Liu Yonghao, who is also a business tycoon, is a billionaire. Liu and his brothers had humble start. They sold off their watches, bicycles and other precious items to accumulate $120 to invest in business. They purchased breeding quails and chickens and sold them to farmers near their house.

Shawn Liu

Establishing themselves in the mainstream slowly, Hope group became leading animal feeding groups of China by 1992. Their business became the largest nongovernmental organization in China. By 1995, the three brothers parted away by splitting their business empires. Yongxing’s younger brother Liu Yonghao was listed at 21st spot in the list of richest people in China with a total worth of US $3 Billion.

Liu Yongxing’s Brother: Liu Yonghao

Liu Yonghao

Liu Yonghao was born in 1951 and is younger to Yongxing. He lives in Chengdu, China and is married. He has two children and her daughter Liu Chang, is the CEO of Shenzhen traded New Hope Liuhe. Yonghao is a self made billionaire and his most business revolves around agriculture. He was at 36th spot in the China rich list in 2016.

In 2010, Forbes listed Yongxing at the 7th spot in the richest people in China with a net worth of US $ 4.9 Billion. He has invested extensively in aluminum shelters and plastic plants. His primary business revolves around supplying industrial materials.

Liu’s Family: Liu Chang

Liu Chang

Liu Chang is the daughter of Liu Yongxing’s brother Liu Yonghao’s daughter. She is the present CEO of New Hope Liuhe. She has been holding the office since May 2013. She holds a master degree in business administration and also serves as a Deputy General Manager and chairman in Sichuan based company. She also serves as chairman of board in a Singapore based subsidiary. Chang is married to director Sun Hao in August 2015. Chang is listed at the 4th spot in Hurun reports of 2012 richest people less than 40 years of age with a net worth of US $ 1.76 Billion.

Sun Hao: Son in Law of Liu Yongxing

Sun Hao is married to Liu Chang, daughter of Yongxing’s brother Liu Yonghao. Their marriage took place in August 2015. Sun Hao is a movie director and has directed many movies till now. The Bad Man must die is his first movie as a director. Before this, he worked as an assistant director in 13 movies of Feng Xiaogang, the famous Chinese director.

His movie, The Bad Man must die is a crime thriller. Sun was praised by Feng for his phenomenal directing in this movie. The budget of his movie costs USD 18 million. The movie was released on October 23 2015.

Shawn Liu: Son of Liu Yongxing

Son of Liu Yongxing

Shawn liu is the director of East Hope Group and is the only son of Liu Yongxing. His office is based in Shanghai, China. Shawn is optimistic about his role in his father’s company which deals in consumer products related to agriculture. As the only son, Shawn is the natural inheritor of the business group. There is lot of responsibility on the shoulders of Shawn as he is the future inheritor of China’s richest business family.

Net Worth

Liu Yongxing has a net worth $6.6 billion and the richest persons in China.