Marc Rowan – Family, Family Tree

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Marc Rowan is another cofounder of Apollo Global Management. This is a private equity Company that is worth billions of US dollars. The Apollo Global Management firm became public in 2011. Marc sold a large number of shares. It was more than the other fellow founders – Leon Black and Joshua Harris.

mark rowan

Marc Rowan used the cash to commence a billion dollar family investment firm named RWN Management. This firm would specialise in purchasing a series of real estate.

Early Life and Education


Marc Rowan was born on 19th August 1962 to a Jewish family. His mother, Barbara was a teacher and a trained concert pianist. Marc has one sister named Andrea. He graduated summa cum laude with BS and MBA from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. After college, Marc joined Mergers & Acquisitions Group of Drexel Burnham Lambert. He worked in New York City and Los Angeles.
In 2012, Marc Rowan sold his Oceanfront Mansion in Southampton for $28.5 million. Then, he paid a sum total of $26 million for a Manhattan co-operation.

Family of Marc

Wife’s Family

Carolyn Rowans parents were Eugene (d 15th May 2011 at 86) and Estelle Pleva. Carolyn has two sisters. Lisa is married to Daron Shepard and Susan married to Fraidoon Rahman. The grandparents have ten grandchildren. The names are David, Elizabeth, Jennifer, Michael, Joshua, Zachary, Andrew, Charlotte, Michelle and Emily. The father, Eugene was in the army during WWII. On returning, he completed college at City College of New York. Later, Eugene started his career in the Government.

Later he worked for several entrepreneurial positions. His numerous interests included stock market, sports, opera, classical music and homeopathy. Eugene researched and treated anyone in need. He inspired two of his daughters to follow his careers in the health profession. Susan is a dentist and Lisa as a registered dietician. Carolyn pursued art and fashion career.

Net Worth of Marc


Marc Rowan has a net worth of $2.9 Billion. Marc was ranked at 715th spot in the Forbes list of world billionaires in 2017. He was ranked at 272nd spot in Forbes list of richest Americans in 2017. He was ranked at the 274th spot in the list of top 400 billionaires around the world by Forbes in 2016.


He is the cofounder of Apollo Global Management. The firm became public in 2011. He sold more shares than other co-founders Leon Black and Joshua Harris. His interest was to begin his billion dollar family investment firm, RWN Management. The firm would specialise in purchasing real estate including in Hamptons area of Long Island. He opened Arbor Restaurant in Montauk, bought Neptune Motel. He took control of Duryea’s Lobster Deck.