Mohammed Al Amoudi Family

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A self-made billionaire, Mohammed Al Amoudi has a portfolio ranging from energy and construction to agriculture. He began investing in Sweden in the 1970s and now has interests across Saudi Arabia and Ethiopia. He began making money with construction projects in Saudi Arabia. He is the largest investor in Ethiopia individually. Interestingly, he supplies coffee beans to Starbucks and tea leaves to Lipton.

Mohammed Al Amoudi

Born on July 21, 1946, Mohammed Al Amoudi has oil refineries in Sweden and Morocco. He also owns oil fields off the coast of West Africa. A philanthropist as well, he has provided funds to combat AIDS in Africa. He also works with the Clinton Health Access Inititative.

Mohammed Al Amoudi Family Profile

We provide a detailed description of the illustrious family of Mohammed Al Amoudi:

Al Amoudi Parents – Haji Hussein Al Amoudi & Weyzero Rakiya Mohammad Yassin

His father, Haji Hussein Al Amoudi was a local businessman and belonged to Saudi Arabia. His mother, Weyzero Rakiya Mohammed Yassin was an Ethiopian.

Al Amoudi Siblings

He has three sisters (Tuiba, Nur, Fitum) and four brothers (Seid, Hassen, Abdella, Salih). Very little information is available about them.

Al Amoudi Spouse – Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi

Born – Unknown

Sofia holds shares in MIDROC Construction, one of Mohammed Al Amoudi’s companies. She is the citizen of Saudi Arabia.

Children of Mohammad Al Amoudi & Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi

Sofia and Mohammed Al Amoudi have eight children. Their son, Abdul Rahman Al Amoudi, is the heir.

Al Amoudi Family Net Worth

Mohammed Al Amoudi

As of October 2014, Mohammed Al Amoudi Family is worth US$ 13.8 billion. He is ranked #72 on the World’s Billionaires list. He is the second-richest person in Saudi Arabia. In 2013, he was ranked #63 on Forbes’ list of Billionaires.