Vladimir Potanin Family

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Vladimir Olegovich Potanin is a Russian business tycoon and oligarch. As a man who amassed his wealth from the contentious loans for share package after the collapse of Soviet Union, Potanin is said to be one of the most powerful men in Russia.

Vladimir Potatin

Born on 3 January 1961, Potatin is worth $14.2 billion today.

Potanin Family profile:

Potanin Parents – Unknown

Not much information is available on the details of Potanin’s parents. He was born into a high ranking communist family.

Potanin Spouse Natalia Potanin

Vladimir Potatin wife

For a man known for his ruthless business mind, Potanin has a very heartwarming love story with his wife. Potanin first saw Natalia when they were both in 10th grade. He would make sure to sit next to Natalia in all their classes and the couple managed to keep their relationship secret until they both finished their education. Soon after, they got married. They have three children.

Children of Vladimir Olegovich Potanin & Anastasia Potanin

  1. Anastasia Potanin

Vladimir Potanin daughter

Born – 1991

The 24-year-old Anastasia is a world champion in aqua biking. The heiress to the Potanin empire is also a very good skier. To accommodate her hobby, her doting father even built a slope in their home in Moscow so she could practice skiing. Anastasia had to abandon aqua biking after she broke her leg in an accident. She has now taken up sports management.

Potanin Family Net worth

Vladimir Potanin family

Potanin’s net worth is projected to be $14 billion by the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. The net worth stands at $13.4 as per Forbes. He owns 30 per cent stock in Norilsk, Russia’s largest mining enterprise. He also runs real estate businesses, and a media stock firm. Potanin is the capitalist who multiplied reserve assets at government sales in the 1990s and today he is one of the first Russian moguls to sign up for the Warren Buffett and Bill Gates led Giving Recruit inventiveness. Under this project, Potanin promised to give away a part of his capital to philanthropic causes.

In 1991, Potanin and Mikhail Prokhorovstarted Interros Company. Potatin became the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the President of Interros in 1998. In 2007 Prokhorov parted ways with Interros.

Vladimir Potatin

Potanin supervises Prof Media, a major media cluster in Russia which manages the interests of  VH1 knockoffs, MTV movie theaters, and several radio stations and magazines. Potanin also has interests in the Altpoint Capital Associates owns some Ford models.

Vladimir Potanin ascended the summit of success when USSR had disintegrated and Russia was going through turbulent times. He is a prime example for how to overcome adversities and make the most out of what life throws at you.