Walter Kwok – Family, Family Tree

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Kwok Ping-Sheung, Walter is a real estate businessman and investor. He was born in the year 1950 in Hong Kong. Walter is the eldest son of Kwong Siu-hing and Kwok Tak Seng. He is the former chairman and CEO of Sun Hung Kai Properties, a real estate developer company which is the largest real estate firm in Hong Kong.

Kwok Ping-Sheung
Personal Details:

Walter graduated from University of London, where he persuaded Masters in Science. He married Lydia Ku in the year 1982 when his parents introduced her to him. Reports say that Walter fell in love with an ambitious layer Ida Tong Kam-hing but his parents weren’t happy with his relationships with Ida. They introduced Lydia and he married her but their relationship ended with their divorce six months later of their marriage.

Later, Walter married to Wendy Lee who is his present wife and has one son. Walter developed the business with his brothers Raymond and Thomas in 1990 when they inherited the fortunes of their father. In 2010, Walter was ousted from Sun Hung kai due to personal reasons. In the year 1997, Walter was abducted by mischievous gangsters and was kept in a wooden container blindfolded for four continuous days. He was later released without police intervention when his wife paid a nine figure sum to the abductors. Though he retained the position as chairman but he went through physiological problems after his release.

Family Details of Walter Kwok:

Walter is the eldest son of Kwong Siu-hing and Kwok Tak Seng. He has two brothers Thomas and Raymond. He is presently married to Wendy Lee and has one son.

Kwok Tak Seng: Father of Walter Kwok

Tak Seng was born in the year 1911 in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. He was a Chinese business tycoon who was the founder of Sun Hung Kai Properties. He migrated to Hong Kong after the World War 2. He later founded and established Sun Hung Kai in 1958, partnering with Fung King Hey and Lee Shau Kee. He married Kwong Siu-hing and the couple had six children, three sons and three daughters. He died in the year 1990 due to cardiac arrest.

Kwok Siu-hing: Mother of Walter Kwok

Family Details of Walter Kwok
She is the mother of Walter. She holds the largest share in SHK properties. She replaced Walter as the chairman of SHK when he was ousted in 2008 and remained there till 2011. She has 41% share of SHK through trust fund. She was born in 1929 and is a widow.

Brothers and Sisters of Walter Kwok:

Walter has six brothers and sisters including him. The names are mentioned below;
Thomas Kwok (Brother)
Raymond Kwok (Brother)
Kwok Yin-ping (Sister)
Kwok Yuen- kwan (sister)
Kwok Yuen-yee (sister)
Thomas Kwok:

Thomas Kwok Ping-kwong was the former joint chairman of SHK. He has studied from Imperial College and did his Masters in Business Administration from London School of Business. He has a son named Adam Kwok. He was born in 1951 and lives in Hong Kong.

Raymond Kwok:

Raymond Kwok Ping-luen is the managing director and chairman on SHK properties. He was born in the year 1952 in Hong Kong. Raymond studied law from Cambridge University and later did his Masters in Business Administration from University of Harvard. He is accused in bribery case as well.
Walter, after his ouster in 2008 has started his own company known as Empire Group Holdings. Walter did a Deal which includes buying $30 million in stock when Chinese corporation Legend Holdings went public and invested in China Jinmao, the developer controlled by Sinochem.




Walter’s net worth is USD 7.2 billion and he is the 9th richest man in Hong Kong according to Forbes. He was listed on the 188th spot in the Forbes list of billionaires in 2016.