Joseph Tsai – Family , Family Tree

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Joseph Tsai is the vice chairman of Alibaba Group. He is a reputed Canadian Businessman and a former attorney at Sullivan & Cromwell LLP. He was born in Taiwan in a family of prominent attorneys. Tsai relocated to the U.S., in the year 1977, where he attended an elite boarding school – Lawrenceville School, New York. In 1990, he graduated from the Yale School.

Joseph Tsai

Tsai was the leading contributor to the rise of Alibaba. He played a vital role since joining in 1999 to arrange funding from Soft Bank etc initially. Together with Jack Ma, Tsai has established the Alibaba Group, an import/ export company. He initially worked as CFO at Alibaba and became a vice chairman in the year 2013. He was the only western educated top executive at Alibaba.

Joseph Tsai’s Parents – Dr. Tsai and Mrs. Paul C. Tsai of Taipai

His father – Dr. Tsai was a founding partner of law firm, Tsar & Tsai. His mother was Paul C. Tsai.

Joseph Tsai’s Siblings

Joseph Tsai had two sisters and six brothers.

Joseph Tsai’s Spouse – Clara Ming-Hua Wu

Clara Ming-Hua Wu

Joseph Tsai was married to Clara Ming- Hua Wu, who was Wu San-Lien’s granddaughter, on Friday evening in New York at Park Avenue Christian Church. She was born to Dr. Wu and Mrs. De-Min Wu of Lawrence. Dr. Wu was working as a professor in economics at University of Kansas. She graduated in worldwide relations from Stanford University. She also obtained a MBA degree from the Harvard Business School. She worked as a senior manager at American Express Travel Related Services, a financial group based in New York. She is currently working as a consultant at Taobao.

Joseph Tsai’s Children

Joseph Tsai had three children from his marriage with Clara Ming-Hua Wu.


Joseph Tsai

Joseph Tsai has a networth of US$5.5 billion. He had a stake of 3.6% in Alibaba that roughly amounts to US$7.1 billion. He is one of the richest persons in the top ten list of Forbes in Hong Kong.

Joseph worked with investor AB during 1995-99 in Hong Kong. He previously worked as general advisor and VP at Rosecliff Inc. He also worked as a partner lawyer during 1990 and 93 at a New York-based Sullivan and Cromwell LLP.