Katarina Martinson – Family, Family Tree

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Katarina Martinson and her sister Louise Lindh each own 14% stake in their family’s investment outfit, L. E. Lundbergforetagen AB. This Company is into property management, various investments including pulp and paper Company.

Katarina Martinson

Both the sisters have Board seats along with their father, Fredrik Lundberg who is the Chairman. This Company was founded in 1944 by Lars, Fredrik’s father, as a construction outfit.

Personal Life of Katarina:


Katarina Martinson was born in 1981 in Stockholm, Sweden. Her father is Fredrik Lundberg, Chairman of Lundbergforetagen. Her grandfather was Lars Lundberg, the founder of the Company. She is the younger sister. Katrina completed her Master of Science Program from the Stockholm School of Economics. In 2012, she was elected member of the audit committee to manage the family portfolio.

Katrina plays an active role as Board member of L E Lundbergföretagen AB, Fastighets AB LE Lundberg, Byggnads AB Karlsson & Wingesjö, LE Lundberg Kapitalförvaltning AB, Indutrade AB, Fidelio Capital AB, AniCura AB and Lyko AB. Earlier, Katrina was well placed in other work places in New York, USA. Katrina holds Shares A and B.

Father of Katarina:

Frederick Lundberg

Frederick Lundberg was born August 5, 1951 in Norrkoeping, Sweden. Frederick was educated from Stockholm School of Economics. He got MBA Engineering from Kth Royal Institute of Technology. He got Master’s Degree Economics from Stockholm School of Economics. Finally, he received Doctorate Degree Engineering, Linkoping University. He is married with two daughters.


In 1981, Frederick joined his father’s Company, Lundbergs. He was the President and CEO of the same. He is the most successful Swedish business. At present, Frederick is the Chairman and the largest shareholder of Lundbergs, a publicly traded real estate and investment Company. The revenue was 19.8 billion kronor ($2.4 billion) in 2015. This Company is Stockholm-based business. The holdings include builder Skanska with net assets valued at 55.9 billion kronor (December 2015). According to Forbes magazine, Frederick Lundberg is the ninth wealthiest person in Sweden. In June 2011, Frederick received the award Chair of the year 2011.

Grandfatherof Katarina Martinson:

Lars Erik Lundberg

Lars Erik Lundberg was born on 4th July 1920 in Norrkoping and died in 2001. Lars Erik Lundberg was the father of Fredrik Lundberg and Eva Hamrén-Larsson who was born in 1952. He was the grandfather of Louise Lindh and Katarina Martinson.

He was a Swedish builder and contractor. Lars Erik Lundberg grew up in Norrkoping. He inherited a property and a shoe shop of his father in 1944. The same year, he started a construction Company, now called Fastighets AB LE Lundberg. Lars constructed real estate industries. He built real estate in-house on own land in several Swedish towns. He and his son Frederick also managed the buildings.

They developed an investment company LE Lundbergföretagen, one of Sweden’s largest powerful Companies. This occurred in 1944 when Lars was 24 years and he began building the full-service construction business from his apartment. In 1981, Fredrik Lundberg joined his father’s Company as the chief executive officer and president. Frederick oversaw the Company into the Stockholm Stock Exchange in 1983. In 1996, the Lars Erik Lundbergs Foundation for Research and Development supports economics, business and technology research.

Net Worth:


Katarina Martinson is net worth $1.18 Billion. Both, Katharina Martinson and her sister, Louise Lindh each own 14% stake in their family’s investment outfit. This is known as L. E. Lundbergforetagen AB. The Company holds interests in property management and various other investments. They even have a pulp and paper Company. The sisters also Board seats in the group Companies. Their father, Fredrik Lundberg is also a Board member. The Company was established by Lars, Fredrik’s father, in 1944. Initially, the Company was a construction outfit.