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Mary Barra, born Makela, is the Chairman and CEO of General Motors Company since 2014. She is the first lady to become the CEO of a primary auto manufacturing company across the globe. Before becoming the CEO of the company, she used to work as the Executive Vice-President of the company’s global product development, supply chain and purchasing department. Under her management, GM has made some very crucial decisions in the industry, such as pulling out of Australia, Indonesia and Russia, and stopping Chevrolet in Europe if profits were not enough to continue investments. She also serves on board of General Dynamics, and Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute.

Mary Barra

In 2014, Mary received an honorary degree from the University of Michigan after delivering Spring Commencement address for its Ann Arbor Campus in Michigan Stadium. With her efforts and achievements, she has become one of the most influential and powerful people worldwide.

Here is Mary Barra’s Family

Mary Barra Parents – Ray Makela and Eva Makela

Mary was born in 1961 to Ray Makela and Eva Makela, and her maiden name was Mary Teresa Makela. Her father, Ray Makela, worked for Pontiac for 39 years as a die maker. Pontiac was also a brand of General Motors, which means that her father was also a GM man for the large part of his life. Her mother, Eva Makela, was a housewife. She started working for GM as a co-op student at the age of 18, and held a variety of administrative and engineering positions.

Mary Barra Siblings – Paul Makela

Mary has a brother, Paul Makela, who along with her had excelled in Science and Maths. Today, Paul is a renowned doctor, serving as the Director of Gynecological Robotic Surgery in St. Mary Mercy Hospital. He specializes in gynecology and obstetrics.

Mary Barra Spouse – Anthony E. Barra

Anthony E. Barra

Mary went to the General Motors Institute, now Kettering University, to study electrical engineering and obtain a B.Sc. degree. Here, she met Anthony E. Barra, which she married shortly after. Anthony, also known as Tony Barra, is an engineering consultant by profession. She, along with her husband, chaired the Detroit International Wine Auction in 2014, and raised community arts programs and scholarships worth $2.4 million through College for Creative Studies.

Mary Barra Children – Rachel and Nicholas

Rachel Barras


Mary Barra and Anthony Barra have two teenage children, one boy and a girl, Rachel and Nicholas, both studying in high school. Her son is a truck enthusiast, and often gives her ideas to improve her vehicles.

Net worth

Mary Barra Family

Although there is not much information about Mary’s net worth, she is counted among the most powerful people across the globe.