Sheldon Adelson – Family , Family Tree

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Sheldon Adelson is a U.S. based investor, business magnate and philanthropist. He was born on August 4, 1933 in a low-income family in Dorchester, Massachusetts, the U.S. He is also a CEO and Chairman at Las Vegas Sands Corporation. He is the owner of Israel Hayom, an Israel based daily newspaper. He is a Caucasian, basically from Ukraine.

Sheldon Adelson

Adelson is a mega donor for the Republican Party in the U.S. He started newspapers sales business at the age of 12. He was later engaged in the sale of trade magazines. In 1975, Sheldon established Interface Group. He later started a subsidiary – COMDEX Trade shows in the year 1979. His businesses include conventions, hotels and casinos that span across Singapore, the U.S., Macau and the Middle East. He amassed huge wealth from casinos. He is currently the chief executive officer of Sands China, which is engaged in developing resorts.

Adelson’s Parents – Arthur Adelson & Sarah Adelson

Sheldon’s father, Arthur was taxi driver.

Adelson’s Spouse(s) – Sandra Adelson (Ex), Miriam Ochsorn

Sheldon married Sandra, where after the couple lived in Massachusetts during 1970s. The couple had three adopted children before divorcing in the year 1988. He married Miriam Ochsorn in the year 1991.

Miriam Ochsorn

Before marrying Adelson, Miriam was married to Dr. Ariel Ochshorn. She had two daughters from her marriage with Ochsorn. Miriam was born in the year 1946 in Mandatory Palestine to Simha Farbstein and Menucha. She graduated in Microbiology and Genetics from Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Miriam is the trustee and cofounder of Adelson Family Foundation. She was also an executive director and cofounder of AMRF.

Adelson’s Siblings – Lenny Adelson

Sheldon has a brother Lenny Adelson, living in Weston, MA.

Adelson’s Children

Sheldon Adelson Children

Adelson’s Children – Shelly Adelson, Gary Adelson, Mitchell Adelson, Two sons from Miriam

Sheldon Adelson adopted three children namely Shelly, Gary and Mitchell. He had two sons from his marriage with Miriam.


Sheldon Adelson is ranked 8th among the richest persons in the world. He has a net worth of US$36.7 billion.

Sheldon Adelson

He was generous to make donations to noble causes. In 2004, he donated US$2.4 million for G.W. Bush inauguration. He also donated US$1 million to the American Solutions in 2010. He contributed US$12 million for Gingrich’s campaign in the year 2012. To help the Jewish community, he established Adelson Family Charitable Trust in the year 2007.