Edward DeBartolo Family

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The CEO of Simon DeBartolo group, Edward ‘Eddie’ DeBartolo is an American businessman, best known for his ownership of NFL’s San Francisco 49ers.

Edward DeBartolo

Educated at the University of Notre Dame, DeBartolo’s stake in Simon Property Group has earned him his billions. The organization is the one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the world.

Edward ‘Eddie’ DeBartolo Family Tree

Let us read further to find out about the illustrious family of Edward ‘Eddie’ DeBartolo.

DeBartolo Parents – Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. and Marie Patricia Montani DeBartolo

Edward J. DeBartolo, Sr. was one of the first few people to begin constructing shopping malls in suburban communities of America. He incorporated a company called The Edward J. DeBartolo Corporation. He studied civil engineering at the University of Notre Dame. His company owned almost one-tenth of all the mall space in America.

edward debartolo sr

Marie Patricia Montani DeBartolo met and married Edward J. DeBartolo in 1944, during World War II.

DeBartolo Siblings – Marie Denise DeBartolo York

Name – Marie Denise DeBartolo York

Born – 1950

Married – John York

Marie Denise DeBartolo York

Marie is currently co-chairwoman of NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. Formerly, she was the executive vice president of The DeBartolo Corporation and owner and president of the National Hockey League’s Pittsburgh Penguins. In 2000, she gained control of the 49ers from her brother. Now, she has passed the reigns of the team to her son, Jed York. Her husband, John York, is a retired American cancer research pathologist.

Children of Marie York and John York

1. Jed York

2. Tony York

3. Jenna York

4. Mara York

Edward ‘Eddie’ DeBartolo Spouse – Candy DeBartolo

Born – Unknown

Candy DeBartolo is an actress who is best known for playing the part of Frankie’s mother in 1996 film – Dream for an Insomniac.

Edward ‘Eddie’ DeBartolo Children – Lisa DeBartolo, Nicole DeBartolo, Tiffanie DeBartolo

Name – Lisa DeBartolo

Born – Unknown

Married – Don Miggs

Lisa DeBartolo oversees the DeBartolo Family Foundation as its executive director. She is also executive vice president of DeBartolo Holdings. She is married to singer-songwriter, Don Miggs, and has two children – Milo and Jasper. She attended St. Mary’s College of California.

Name – Nicole DeBartolo

Born – Unknown

Married – Benjamin Heldfond (Ex), Chad Chronister (current)

Nicole DeBartolo is also an executive vice president of DeBartolo Holdings. She married Chad Chronister in 2010. She has a son, Asher, from her previous marriage.

Name – Tiffanie DeBartolo

Born – November 27, 1970

Married – Unknown

Tiffanie DeBartolo is a writer and she has also directed a film titled Dream for an Insomniac in 1996. The film featured Jennifer Aniston but had a very limited release. She has written two books – How to Kill a Rock Star and God-Shaped Hole. She is the co-founder of Bright Antenna, an independent record label. Tiffanie attended Villa Maria High School and UC Berkeley.

Net worth of Edward ‘Eddie’ DeBartolo

Edward DeBartolo

According to Forbes, as of November 2014, DeBartolo’s net worth is US$ 3.3 billion. The major source of his wealth has been the establishment of shopping centers. He is the 220th richest person in the United States of America. He ranks #183 on the Forbes 400 list.