Frank C. Mars Family

by Celeb

Franklin Clarence Mars was the founder of the food company Mars, Inc. that mostly manufactures chocolate candy. As a child, he suffered from a mild case of polio, during which time he learned to hand-dip chocolate candy from his mother. At the young age of 19, he began to sell molasses chips. He died in 1934.

Mars Family Profile

Described below is the family tree of Frank C. Mars:

Mars Family


Frank C. Mars’ Parents – Alva (Mother)

Not much is known of Mars’ father, except that he was a gristmill operator earlier in Pennsylvania and later in St. Paul. His mother, Alva, taught him lessons in the kitchen as he was afflicted by polio in his childhood. She also taught him the art of making confectionary. By the time Frank was in high school, he had learnt most of his mother’s recipes including divinity, fudge, and peanut brittle and also began experimenting with recipes on his own.

Frank C. Mars’ Siblings – None

Frank C. Mars’ Spouse(s) – Ethel G. Kissack (Ex), Ethel Veronica Healy

Ethel G. Kissack

Born – September 29, 1882

The daughter of William Kissack and Mary Agnes Ashburner, Ethel married Mars in 1902. She worked as a schoolteacher. In 1910, Ethel divorced Frank in Tahoma, Washington citing lack of support. She was awarded the custody of their only son and $20 per month to support him. However, Frank could not always pay the money.

Ethel Veronica Healy

Born – 1884

Ethel was a racehorse owner; she won the Kentucky Derby with her colt Gallahadion, which was trained by Roy Waldron and ridden by Carroll Bierman. She bought 2,800 acres of property and founded the Milky Way Farm. On this farm, Hereford cattle and thoroughbred racehorses were raised. Ethel’s filly called Forever Yours was voted by American Champion Two-Year-Old Filly. Another filly, She married Mars in 1910. Ethel passed away in 1965.

Children of Frank C. Mars and Ethel Kissack

Forrest Edward Mars, Sr.

Born – March 21, 1904

Spouse – Audrey Ruth Meyer

Forrest developed M&Ms and the Mars bar, and launched Uncle Ben’s Rice. Educated at the University of California at Berkeley and Yale University, he started his own company called Food Products Manufacturing. After the death of his father, Forrest took over the reins of the family business. He married Audrey and they have three children together. Forrest died in 1999.

 Children of Frank C. Mars and Ethel Veronica Healy

Mary Patricia Mars


Spouse(s) – William Furst (Ex), Alan Feeney

Mary Patricia had 2 children with William Furst and 4 children with Alan Feeney. She died in 1965.

Children of Forrest Mars and Audrey Mars

Forrest Edward Mars, Jr.

Born – August 16, 1931

Spouse(s)Virginia Cretella (Ex), Deborah Adair Clarke (Ex)

Children of Forrest Edward Mars Jr and Audrey Mars

Victoria B. Mars

Valerie Ann Mars

Pamela Diane Mars

Marijke Elizabeth Mars.

 John Franklyn Mars

Born – October 15, 1935

SpouseAdrienne Bevis

John Franklyn Mars

Children of John Frankyln Mars and Adrienne Bevis

Linda Anne Mars

Frank Edward Mars

Michael John Mars

Jacqueline Mars

Born – October 10, 1940

Spouse – David H. Badger

Jacqueline Mars

Children of Jacqueline Mars and David H Badger

Alexandra Badger

Stephen Mills Badger

Christa Badger

Net worth of the Mars family

As of 2013, the Mars family is worth $30.3 billion.