Jorge Paulo Lemann Family

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Jorge Paulo Lemann is a Swiss-Brazilian banker and is the richest Brazilian. He studied Bachelors in economics from Harvard University in 1961. Lemann started his stint as a trainee in Credit Suisse, one of the leading financial services organizations. In 1971, he co-founded Banco de Investimentos Garantia in Brazil. The company came to be known as ‘Brazilian Goldman Sachs.’

Jorge Paulo Lemann

Lemann served as a member of the board of directors of Brahma from 1990 to 2001. He also actively engages himself with NGO profit organization and is on the list of Board of Directors of Endeavor, a non-profit institution. As on year 2014, he is positioned in the 37th place in the Bloomberg Billionaire list of richest persons in the world. Lemann was excellent in tennis and was known to reach till Wimbledon level. His private equity firm 3G Capital acquired H.J. Heinz Company along with Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway in July this year for $23 Billion.

Lemann Family Profile

Let us take a look at Lemann family profile in detail:

Lemann Parents – Paul Lemann and Mother (Unknown)

Lemann was born on August 26, 1939 in Rio de Janeiro to a Swiss immigrant father, Paul Lemann and a Brazilian mother. His father was a Swiss businessman who immigrated to the country in the 1920s. Not much information is available with regards to Lemann’s mother.

Lemann Siblings

There is not much information of Lemann’s siblings.

Lemann Spouse(s) – Maria de Santiago Dantas Quental(ex), Susanna Lemann (Current)               

Maria de Santiago Dantas Quental (Ex)

Maria was Lemann’s first wife. She was a Psychoanalyst. She died in April 2005.

Susanna Lemann (Present)

The Swiss Brazilian naturalized educator and the owner of Matuete travel agency, Susanna, is the second wife of Lemann. The couple live in Sao Paulo in Brazil with their five children.

Lemann Children

Lemann has five children, two from his former wife and remaining three from his current wife Susanna. He was rocked by an attempt to kidnap three of his children in 1999 in Sao Paulo. Since then, he moved his family to Switzerland.

Lemann’s Networth

Lemann’s total estimated Networth is around $22.8 Billion as of 2014.