Gabe Newell – Family, Family Tree

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Gabe Logan Newell is a computer programmer in America as well as a businessman. He is well known for his involvement as a co-founder and president in a company that specializes in video game development as well as digital distribution.

Gabe Logan Newell

The company is named Valve Corporation.

Early Life

Gabe was born on November 3, 1962 in Seattle. He dropped out of Harvard University in the early 1980s to work for Microsoft. He was an employee at Microsoft for over a decade and worked as a producer for one of their Windows Operating Systems.

Windows Operating Systems

While working at Microsoft, he and his colleague Mike Harrington were fascinated by computer games that were being released in the mid 1990s and started believing that video games were the future of entertainment.


They wished to have their own development studio and that made them leave Microsoft and they founded Valve Corporation.

Gabe Newell’s Family

Father of Gabe:

His father used to live in Seattle along with his wife. His wife gave birth to Gabe in Seattle in the year 1962.

Mother of Gabe:

His mother along with her husband used to live in Seattle where she gave birth to him.

Lisa Mennet Newell:

Lisa is Gabe’s wife. They married in 1996.



Gabe and Lisa together have two children. Gabe is also known as Gaben and is called by this name by his family members.

Net Worth

The real time net worth of Gabe Newell is around $4.1 billion, as presented in the data by the esteemed Forbes magazine. In December 2010, Forbes magazine mentioned Gabe Newell as a ‘Name You Should Know’ because of his work on Steam.


He even partnered with many Major developers for the same. He received the BAFTA fellowship for his work in the video game industry in March 2013. He is currently ranked 134th among the list of global billionaires by Forbes