Reinhold Schmieding – Family, Family Tree

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Personal Life:

Reinhold Schmieding

Reinhold D. Schmieding was born in Michigan so he is an American citizen. His father was a dentist and wished him to become a doctor. His parents emigrated from Germany six months before he was born.


Presently, Reinhold Schmieding is married with two children and they live in Naples, Florida.


Reinhold Schmieding attended Michigan State University from 1973-77. He became the Alma Mater at Michigan State University.


He had attended a career fair when he became attracted to engineering joint replacements.

Family of Reinhold:



Reinhold’s father was drafted at 18 in German Army and became a German paratrooper and POW. Later he became a dentist. Young in age, Reinhold grew up in the Detroit suburb of Bloomfield Hills and sometimes vacationed in Germany.


She migrated along with her husband and children to United States.


Reinhold lives a very private life and is married.


Reinhold and his wife have to children. Both maintain a very private life and rarely appear on camera therefore there is very less information available on them.

Net Worth of Reinhold Schmieding:


According to Forbes, Reinhold Schmieding’s real time net worth as of 3/22/17 is $4.7 Billion. He is famous for being publicly and press-shy Founder. In addition, he has a secretive patent on his own life. Reinhold Schmieding only allows a few brief interviews and till date, he has managed only two. He was aware of his fortune and realised he would be on the 400 list with Forbes.