Jacqueline Mars – Family , Family Tree

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Jacqueline Mars is an American investor, heiress and philanthropist. She is best known as the heir to Mars Inc., an American candy company which is well-known worldwide for manufacturing delicious candy and chocolate bars. She was born on October 10, 1939 and currently resides at The Plains in Virginia.

Jacqueline Mars

She is also known for supporting many charitable causes and donates millions in charity each year to provide for a better education system throughout the country and all around the world.

Let us now look at the great family lineage of Mars

Mars Grandparents– Frank C. Mars & Ethel G. Kissack

Frank C. Mars was the founder of Mars Inc. and Ethel G. Kissack was his first wife. With her he had a son, Forrest, who is the father of Jacqueline Mars.

Mars Parents – Forrest Mars & Audrey Mars

Forrest along with his other siblings helped the family business expand and grow further. He married Audrey with whom he had three children. Forrest, John and Jacqueline Mars were raised by both of them.

Mars Siblings – Forrest Mars Jr. and John Mars

Jacqueline had two older brothers, Forrest Mars Jr. and John Mars.

Forrest Mars

Forrest along with his sister and brother owns stake in the Mars Inc. and is a very prolific member of the company. He married twice and has a total of 7 children.

John, like his brother and sister shares a major stake in Mars Inc. He married in 1958 and has 3 children.

Mars Spouse – David H. Badger and Hank Vogel

Jacqueline married David in 1961 and had three children with him. After her divorce was finalized with him in 1984, she wed Hank Vogel in 1986, but divorced him too in 1994. She and Hank did not have any children.

Mars Children – Stephen Badger, Alexandra Badger and Christa Badger

Jacqueline has two daughters and a son from her marriage with David H. Badger.

Stephen is a businessman and a documentary producer, who also serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Mars Inc.

Stephen Badger

Alexandra and Christa too, play a major role in carrying the Mars brand forward. All three are involved in carrying forward the legacy of the family by actively participating and donating funds for many charitable causes.

Net Worth

Jacqueline Mars

As of 2015, Jacqueline Mars has a net worth of USD 23.3 billion. This makes her the 22nd richest person in the world and 16th richest in the United States.