John Fredriksen Family

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John Fredriksen is a Norwegian born shipping magnate who owns the world’s largest fleet of oil tankers. Born in a middle class family in 1944, Fredriksen showed great aptitude for business very early in life.

John Fredriksen

A master tactician, Fredrikson started his own firm by the age of 27. There was no looking back after that. Today he is an entrepreneur most envied. He owns majority stake in an offshore drilling corporation, Seadrill, the fish husbandry enterprise Marine Harvest, a supply vessel company Deep Sea Supply and the dry bulk firm Golden Ocean Group.

Known for his cutthroat business skills, Fredriskon also faced allegations of endangering the lives of his oil tanker crew to make a quick profit.  The matter was settled out of court but not before Fredrisken had to pay a massive amount in fines.

Fredrisksen is a collector of Norweigian art and flaunts super luxury cars like Ford Thunderbird, Super Coupe and Lamborghini. An eager football fan, he owns the Norwegian club Vålerenga I.F. John Fredriksen’s rise from being a welder’s son to one of the richest and most influential businessmen of Europe is an inspiring rag to riches story.

Fredriksen Family Profile

Fredrikson’s father was a welder from a very humble background. But Fredriskson married into the famous Norway Astrup family. Not much is known about the details of his parents.

John Fredriksen Family

Fredriksen Spouse – Inger Astrup Fredriksen

His wife Inger Astrup Fredriksen was a dentist by profession. The couple have twin daughters born in 1983. Inger died in 2006.

Children  of John Fredrriksen & Inger Astrup Fredriksen

John Fredriksen daughters

  1. Kathrine Astrup Fredriksen is one of the directors on board of the Seadrill, Deep Sea upply, Frontline
  2. Cecilie Fredriksen did her BA in business management and is currently working in London based Frontline Corporate Service. She also serves as director on many boards including NADL and Archer Limited.

Fredriksen Family Net Worth

John Fredriksen was named The Richest Man In Norway before he gave up his Norwegian citizenship. He is now a citizen of Cyprus. He currently lives in London and has palatial homes in Oslo, Marbella, and Cyprus. His Chelsea home is prized at about 200 million USD and he also owns a Gulfstream 550 secluded jet.

Fredrikson Family’s current net worth stands at 12.9 billion USD.

Once listed to be Britain’s Ninth Richest Family, the Fredriksens own several investment companies like Hemen Holdings, Meisha etc. Fredriksen also runs multinationals like Golar LNG and Frontline. He has made several charitable donations to major hospitals around the world.