John Sall – Family, Family Tree

by Celeb

The co founder of SAS institute and the man behind JMP statistical institute is known to the world as John Sall. SAS Institute is an analytics software company based in America. According to Forbes list John Sall is ranked as 392 billionaires in 2016. JMP statistical is one such great invention in computer program for statistics by the SAS institute.

John Sall

Early Life

Early Life

John Sall was born in Rockford, Illinois in the year 1948. In the beginning he graduated with history from Beloit College in Wisconsin. Later he also acquired a degree of masters in economics from Northern Illinois University. From the early age he was keenly interested in statistics and computer programs and therefore again he went on to pursue statistics at North Carolina State University.


John Sall is a married man and has four children. Sall and his wife are interested in conservation, international health and development and environmental issues. They both worked on various environmental programs organized by different organizations like World Wide fund for nature, Care and many others.



John Sall after completing his statistical degree from North Carolina University, he along with his two friends Anthony James Barr and Jane Helwig founded SAS institute. SAS is one of the largest analytics software company in the world. The success of SAS was quite promising and then in the year 1980 John Sall started developing JMP when the graphical user interface was introduced newly in the macintosh.


Launching JMP was not an easy task and therefore Sall and his team spend more than a year to make this possible.  After a heavy amount of research and workload, JMP was first launched in October 1989. Even after launching JMP, he continued doing coding and product development for JMP software for more than twenty years,  he use to write the product in different implementation languages, use to re write the products nervous system and was focused on improving the JMP scripting language. Over the years he has served JMP and even now he is the chief architect for it.


John Sall is a dynamic personality and his working spectrum is huge. Not only he is interested in developing JMP and working for it but he has other interests which are quite established. As said earlier that John is very much into Conservation. He taken an extreme close up and looks on to these matters like international health and development and environmental issues.  Between the year 2002 and 2011 Sal was on the board of directors of The Nature Conservancy. Sall also worked with WWF that is the World Wide fund for Nature and ‘Care’ and various other non-profits organization.

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Sall also contributed in developing Carl Academy, which is an independent school for students from grade six to twelve. Along with success of JMP, Sall was also elected as a fellow of the American Statistical Association in the year 1998 and is also a member of North Carolina State University board of trustees.  John Sall was also the chairman of the interface foundation in North America. ‘JMP start statistics’ is a book in which John Sall was a co-author.