Russell Weiner – Family, Family Tree

by Celeb

The man behind the establishment and success of the most famous energy drink Rockstar Energy drink is known to the people as Russell Goldencloud ‘Russ’ Weiner.  Russell is one of the richest American business man and a big political fundraiser. According to Forbes Magazine’s list of top 400 richest Americans, Russell is in the position 249 and is estimated to have an asset worth two and a half million dollar.

Russell Weiner

 Early Life

Early Life

Russell   Goldencloud Weiner was born in the year 1970 in Florida USA. Russell did his schooling from Redwood High school in larkspur, California. Then he completed his graduation with a bachelor degree in political science from San Diego State University.



Russell is the son of Michael Weiner and Janel Weiner. Michael is popularly known as a conservative radio talk show host Michael Savage. Michael Savage is a very popular voice and use to host one of the famous talk show ‘The Savage nation’.


Russell is the creator of the Rockstar Energy drink. Right now, he is also the co-founder and CEO of his energy drink company which is located at Las Vegas. Apart from being a business personality, Russell also has a different identity. Russell participated as a Republican in the 1988 election, urging for the 6th district state in the assembly election of California. At the end he lost the election by a few percentages of votes. But in June 1998, Russell won the Republican primary election by five votes.


After this, Russell turned completely towards a new field where he got more scope to expand his potential.  The founder of Sky Vodka hired him after his loss at the Assembly election. There he proposed the idea of launching a new energy drink called rockstar. The owner of Sky Vodka Maurice Kanbar rejected the proposal due to the presence of Red Bull which was dominating the market at that time.


After few days Russell left the job and started executing his plan of launching rockstar. The main idea behind this was to offer a better quantity at a cheaper price.  The brand also featured the concept of fast recovery time of those who lead a very exhausting life from being an athlete to a rockstar. The company has a very clear image of its target audience. Another thing, which made Russell to launch this brand, was to compete with Redbull in the aspect of quantity.

Russell  started this idea of coming up with Rockstar drink in the year 2001 and it took him seven years to get hold of a good market for his product. In the year 2008, Rockstar received a 14% share in the market of America. Slowly the brand Rockstar became the most famous among all the people living in the United States of America.

When this particular business was touching the sky of success, Russell wanted to expand himself on a wider platform. He got into the real estate business. In the year 2006, Russell bought the West Hollywood home Carlos Boozer, the famous basketball player.