Roger Wang Family

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Not many entrepreneurs hailing from Asian subcontinent have soared the skies like Roger Wang. He rose to success in US after completing his MBA and ventured insurance and real estate. However, he hit the jackpot after returning to China and setting up the famous Golden Eagle International Group in 1992. This went on to become one of the largest mall chains in China in subsequent years. Even at 65, he has no plans to retire from business.

Roger Wang

Success did not come easily to Roger Wang. Before making it big in his country, he worked in various jobs and changed industries. After doing his MBA from Southeastern Louisiana University, he worked at a Drug store in LA. This was followed with a stint in a realtor firm in Beverly Hills. Even when he returned to China to try his luck in business, the beginning was not smooth. The early multi storey construction project was a hassle ridden affair and he faced many difficulties. He reversed the fortunes by setting up Golden Eagle, which became a runaway success in Chinese cities.

Wang Family Profile

Roger Wang Family

Wang family had risen from mediocrity to pillars of success over years.

Wang Parents

Not much is known about the parents of Roger Wang except that they were residents of China who later immigrated to Taiwan. He was born in 1948.

Wang  Spouse – Vivien Wang

The billionaire chinese entrepreneur tied knot with Vivien Wang. The couple had a fulfilling conjugal life and Vivien has stood behind her spouse and helped him build the business empire. She has also been active about donating to charitable entities like her husband.The couple now live in Beverly Hills and have two daughters.

Children of Roger Wang and Vivien Wang

Roger Wang has two daughters

  1. Janice Wang
  2. Dorothy Wang

dorothy wang

Out of the two daughters of billionaire business magnate, Dorothy is more active in social circuits. She shot to fame after starring in two seasons of the TV show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. She has plans to pursue career in both real estate following her father’s footsteps and make it big in jewelry too. Her estimated net worth is $10 million. Apart from that, Dorothy is known for her outrageously lavish lifestyle.

Wang Family Net worth

The Net worth of Wang family stands at $ 3.3billion.

Wang made profits both from the businesses in hotels, insurance and real estate in the US and Chinese email chain. Golden Eagle International was subsequently enlisted in Hong Kong Stock Exchange. He serves as CEO and chairman of the group. Wang made it to coveted Forbes’ List of billionaires in 2007 and with time he continues to improve his ranking. He made exemplary use of his US acquired management and entrepreneurial skills to build a business empire in China.

Roger Wang

The stupendous success of Wang did not deter him from doing philanthropic activities. He has donated money in numerous charitable organizations.