Sean Parker Family

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A well-known name, Sean Parker is an entrepreneur and innovator. He was the co -founder of Facebook and the music file sharing service Napster. Sean was born in the year 1979 in Herndon, Virginia.  With an inherent his passion for computers, he started his career as a computer hacker. Parker showed his skill with computers by founding the file sharing computer service called Napster. He later moved on to become the founding president of Facebook. He is also the co-founder of organizations like Causes, Plaxo and Airtime.

Sean Parker

Parker’s parents were based in Herndon, Virginia. As a teenager, his hobbies were programming and hacking. One of his rogue hacking events were when he hacked the network of a Fortune 500 organization. Parker was unable to log out as his father had confiscated his computer. His IP Address was exposed to the FBI agents and he was sentenced to community service for his crime.

On the educational front, he attended the Oakton High School in Virginia for two years and later on moved to Chantilly High School in 1996. He graduated from the school in the year 1998. While at high school, he had the opportunity to intern CEO of Zynga and Freeloader. He was awarded at the Virginia state computer science fair for developing and designing web crawler, which was taken up by CIA. By the time he reached the senior classes at school, Parker started to earn more than $70000 each year, which convinced his parents to let him drop school and allow him to follow a full time career as entrepreneur.

Sean’s major share of success was accredited to Napster. The company was started with the help of Shawn Fanning , who was an internet friend that Parker had met when was just 15 years old. Both of them bonded well on the internet over the issues with Physics and Hacking. Few years later both founded the label Napster which was officially launched in 1999. Napster was opposed by all the major brands in the recording industry, which led to the shutdown of the service.

Parker Family Profile

Sean Parker Family

Parker Parents: Diane Parker and Bruce Parker

Sean Parker is the son of Diane Parker and Bruce Parker. His father was an oceanographer in the US government.  Diane Parker was a TV advertising broker. His father Bruce Parker was a U.S. government oceanographer. At the age of eight years, Parker father taught him to program on an Atari 800. Parker’s father always advised him to take risks before he had a family

Parker Spouse: Alexandra Lenas

Sean Parker Family

In 2011, Parker was engaged to Alexandra Lenas, a song composer. In January 2013, they were blessed with a daughter. In the year 2014, it was announced that Parker wife is pregnant with their second child.

Sean Parker Family Net Worth:

Sean Parker

Parker is a self-made millionaire with a net worth of $2.9 million according to the Forbes magazine in the year 2014.