Eduardo Saverin – Family, Family Tree

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Eduardo LuizSaverin, born on March 19,1982, is an internet entrepreneur, an economist and at the foremost, an angel investor, but most importantly, no for what he is most famous for is for facebook.

Eduardo LuizSaverin

He is one of the co-founders of Facebook, the app that is said to have changed the lives of billions and which also makes billions in the process. According to Forbes, the encyclopaedia on rich people marks his total worth to be around 7.9 billion US dollars. He was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has been changing citizenships ever since. He is loyal to one thing in this world and that is money, inferred from his constant change of citizenship. He though markets himself as a venture capitalist, still derives his wealth from his minority share in Facebook.





Eduardo seems to have running successful businesses in his genes. His father Roberto Saverin was an industrialist working in clothing, shipping and real estate and making quick money. His grandfather, Eugenio Saverin was the creator of Tip Top, a children based clothing company which did extremely well. His mother, Paula was a psychologist.



Eduardo married Ms Elaine Andriejanssen in 2015. Elain is an Indonesian Chinese based in Singapore who married Eduardo in France. She just like Eduardo seems to be a nomad at heart. Eduardo met her in Singapore where he has been living since 2009 after renouncing his American citizenship in 2012.

Personal Life:

when young

Eduardo who was born to a rich Brazilian Jewish family in Sao Paulo moved to Rio De Janeiro soon after his birth. Eduardo and his family moved to the US in 1993 and settled in Miami, Florida. Eduardo attended Harvard University and made quite a name for himself there. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard in 2006. He had started investing while he was at Harvard itself and before he graduated he invested 300,000 in an oil company.

He also met Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard who was in his sophomore year at that time and launched facebook in 2004. Saverin became the Chief Manager and Financial Officer of the company. Soon things became tense and he had his share value diluted from 34 percent to only 0.03 percent. He took the issue up in court and settled out of court and was given the title of Facebook co-founder. After this incident, Eduardo became fully focused on investing and liquidated his facebook shares for capital to start investing.

He has been the centre of several controversies but the most notable are when he renounced his US citizenship. His renunciation was clouded by allegations that he was doing this for tax savings among others. It is established in the US that giving up citizenship to avoid taxation prevents one from ever getting back US citizenship but it is very difficult to prove and henceforth Eduardo used this and evaded tax and saved the thing he loved the most, Money.

In 2012, He finally opened to Forbes regarding his relationship with Mark and revealed that they share no hard feelings. He was all for mark and did not regret with what happened to him. His character was also played in the movie, ‘The Social Network’ which represents the rise of Facebook. Eduardo dismissed the movie as pure entertainment and far from reality.

social network
He is currently living in Singapore, is happily married and the view from his penthouse suite in the most expensive part of the city, sitting on an exquisite leather sofa and drinking far more exquisite vine is pretty great. Eduardo is an intelligent man with a niche for great to do companies and this is what has led him to achieve tremendous success and outcry everybody around him. He doesn’t back down but realises that corporate world is cutthroat and therefore doesn’t hold hard feelings since he would have done the same.