Hans Rausing – Family , Family Tree

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Hans Rausing is a businessman and philanthropist from Sweden who is based in the United Kingdom. He is known for being the Co-owner of the food packaging company Tetra Pak. It currently is the largest food packaging company in the world and the most trusted brand.

Hans Rausing

Hans was born on March 25, 1926, and along with his brother Gad, is responsible for the success that their company has achieved so far. He is considered to be a very generous person and has donated huge sums to various organizations and charities that promote better education and livelihood among communities as well as individuals.

Let us look at the glorious Rausing Family

Rausing Grandparents – August Andersson & Mathilda Andersson

Hans’ grandparents were Swedish and his grandfather August ran a small business as a master painter. Mathilda was his grandmother.

Rausing Parents – Ruben Rausing & Elisabeth Varenius Rausing

Ruben Rausing

Hans’ father was Ruben Rausing and he was the man responsible for establishing Tetra Pak, a packaging company specializing in liquid food. He married Elisabeth with whom he had two sons.

Rausing Siblings –Gad & Sven

Hans has two brothers named Gad and Sven.

Gad Rausing

Gad Rausing is the older brother of Hans and co-inherited the holdings in Tetra Pak. He married Birgit Rausing and they have 3 children.Sven Rausing is the younger sibling of Hans and he too inherited one-third portion of Tetra Pak along with his brothers.

Rausing Spouse – Marit Rausing

Hans got married to Marit Rausing and their union resulted in two daughters and one son.

Rausing Children

Lisbet Rausing, Sigrid Rausing & Hans Kristian Rausing

Lisbet Rausing

Lisbet Rausing is the oldest daughter and child of Hans. She was born in 1960 and is a historian of science and a philanthropist.

Sigrid Rausing

Sigrid Rausing is the middle child of Hans and Marit Rausing. Born in 1962, she’s an anthropologist, publisher and philanthropist by profession. Sigrid also established the Sigrid Rausing Trust in the UK and is married to Eric Abraham.

Hans Kristian Rausing

Hans Kristian Rausing is the youngest child and the only son of Hans. He is not involved in the family business despite having inherited a major share in the company. Instead, he spent his early days traveling and married his first wife Eva Kemeny and had four children with her. After her death, he got married to Julia Delves Broughton in 2014.

Net Worth

Hans Rausing Image

As of 2015, Hans Rausing has a net worth of 12.5 billion USD. This makes him the 92nd richest person in the world and the 2nd richest in Sweden.