Robert Rowling – Family, Family Tree

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Robert Rowling is an American businessman who is the founder of TRT Holdings, a holding company under which he operates Omni Hotels and the Gold’s Gym. Omni Hotels is a chain of international luxury hotels featuring 60 hotels in the US, Mexico and Canada with 21,000 rooms. Gold’s Gym is an international chain of fitness centers, each featuring world class exercise equipments, personal trainers and group exercise classes.

Robert Rowling Family

Apart from being a successful businessman, Robert is a big donor as well. He donated $25 million in 2013 to the business school of University of Texas, and he regularly donates to the Republican candidates as well. Born in 1953 in Texas, he has gained his undergraduate degree from University of Texas, and Doctor of Jurisprudence from the Southern Methodist University. In addition to these, he has significant investments in fitness gyms, oil and gas industry, upscale hotels, dollar stores and real estate as well.

Robert Rowling Father: Reese Rowling

Robert Rowling Father Reese Rowling

Reese Rowling is the father of Robert Rowling, who was the owner of Tana Oil and Gas along with William Colson. In 1972, Robert joined his father’s company. In 1989, after Texaco acquired the company for $476 million, Robert and his father Reese received the money which they used to form their TRT Holdings. Later, they purchased Omni Hotels worth $500 million and the Gold’s Gym worth $180 million. In 2010, Robert, along with his father, purchased the bankrupt Amelia Island Plantation Resort worth $67.1 million, and in 2013, they purchased 6 resorts from KSL Resorts, which included the Homestead 1766 in Virginia, popular for its beauty and southern hospitality.

Robert Rowling Wife: Terry Hennersdorf Rowling

Robert Rowling Wife

Robert is married to Terry Hennersdorf Rowling, with whom he has two sons. She graduated from the Paschal High School, and earlier lived in the Corpus Christi area, while visiting a number of nearby vacation spots, including the Stockyards. Her father had graduated from the Texas Christian University. Currently, they are living in Highland Park, a Dallas suburb with western neighbors.

Robert Rowling Children: Blake and one more

With Terry, Robert Rowling has two sons, the elder one being Blake Rowling. Name of the younger one is not known. Blake has his own office near his father’s office, and he is currently serving as one of the Directors of TRT Holdings. He has been working for the company since 10 years, and has high chances of taking over his father and grandfather’s business soon.

Robert Rowling Net Worth

Robert Rowling Net Worth

Robert Rowling’s net worth has been estimated to be around $7 billion, with which he becomes one of the richest businessmen in America. His income comes not only from the hospitality industry, but he is a major real estate owner as well.